The bathroom debate is a men’s issue

Men aren’t safe in men’s toilets, so why does the world think women will fare any better with the introduction of men dressed as women being allowed into theirs? Men’s public restrooms are meeting points for sexual deviants, voyeurs and exhibitionists. The preferred ones being located in department stores (Debenhams, House of Fraser, etc.), shopping malls, universities, toilets in public parks, those underground Victorian style toilets that still exist in some cities today, and at train stations. There’s a list of cruising areas for gays online (squirt.org is one site I know of that lists the most popular places up and down the country), and the meeting places are almost exclusively public toilets, changing rooms and public parks. I never allow my nephews to go into these places alone, and I always insist they use a private cubicle if they are by themselves.

The majority of blokes (heterosexual), when entering a public restroom with other men in it, approach the urinal, head down, and eyes locked forward so that no one can accuse them of looking at another man’s penis. These men go about their self-conscious business, give it a shake and zip up, and they get out of there with as little time spent in that space as possible. This is far from normal behaviour in gent’s toilets, however. Always, there is at least one person loitering at a urinal, trying to get a glimpse of another man’s penis. Lots of side-eye action going on, and of course your regular bloke who has his eyes locked forward doesn’t usually notice this. But it does go on, it is very popular, and the busiest times are at lunch or after work when groups of gays can be hanging around the toilets, masturbating as discreetly as they can while checking out other men’s members. The busier the toilet, the less chance a voyeur has of being caught because there’s so many men coming and going, and the more penises he will get to see. Sex also occurs in men’s toilets, oral in the cubicles or masturbating each other at the urinal.

A Victorian toilet in Central London is so bad, that there is usually a line of guys standing on the street at the entrance to it, with a gay guy on every step that leads down into it, awaiting their turn to go down and get some action at the urinals. Another men’s toilet in a popular shopping mall had to remove the mirrors from the interior because they were placed in such a way that if someone stood at them pretending to fix their hair, they were getting a direct look on to other men’s genitals as they urinated. Enough complaints must have been made to necessitate the removal of mirrors from a men’s room in a large shopping mall. That’s how some men behave. As an androgynous youth, I discovered these meeting places for men, and I have gone there specifically to find a guy to have sex with. Guilty as charged.

A man’s sexuality shouldn’t be assumed because of what he’s wearing. A dude in a dress is not automatically a heterosexual woman who prefers sex with men, and a woman in a room alone with him isn’t automatically safe and protected. It is a fetish for a lot of men to wear women’s clothing. I know trannies who are married and identify as straight, and they dress up to have sex with women. You’d be surprised at how many females hit on me when I go out. I’ve no idea what they see in me, or what the challenge is that I present to them, perhaps it’s akin to gay guys who think they have turned a straight guy gay. Another scalp for their belt. These married trannies who dress up to have sex with women, would only have sex with another man if he too were dressed up, and preferably if there was a biological female present. And there are these same kind of heterosexual trannnies who are single, and who don’t mind going out in public dressed like a woman and accessing female spaces.

Being trans for a lot of people, to my mind and from what I’ve witnessed over the years, is not much more than a sexual fetish. The majority of trans ‘women’ keep their penises. It makes you wonder why, especially here in the UK where they can get the surgery for free. The main reason they keep their penises is because there are a lot of men out there who like this 3rd species, if you will. It’s a kink for these straight guys. They can access a penis, and they’re okay with that, because the person it is attached to is visually neutered, wearing make-up, wig, and therefore the man’s heterosexuality isn’t being compromised. The other reason the majority of trannies keep their penis is because it’s their money-maker. The trans world is rife with prostitution. Essentially, you have horned up men negotiating a sex act for cash. That’s what it boils down to. It’s not because they are being excluded from the workforce. And the reason I mention this is because if you listened to the political activists, they would have you believe that every tranny on the planet is genuine with pure intentions, and that every tranny on the planet is a victim at risk of sexual assault or death. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not my intention to attack gays or trans people in relation to their preferred sex acts, or whatever people choose to do to their bodies. I’m simply pointing out that in today’s nonsensical world of gender-fluidity, and given what I know about gays, trans, and the men who enjoy sex with trans, and human nature in general, I’m in no way supportive of men entering women’s spaces. I don’t mind if there’s a private cubicle and anyone can use it, but I’ve also witnessed women turning their nose in disgust and going elsewhere when the door opens and a man steps out, and there is urine all over the floor and the toilet seat.

The bathroom debate is an issue for men to deal with, not women. Women do not need to surrender their privacy and dignity to accommodate men in dresses. Men are going to have to simply look the other way when we come into the toilets and go into a cubicle, or if we decide to hike up our skirts and stand at the urinal. I always use the gent’s and it’s really not as bad as it’s made out to be. I’ve never been beaten up or assaulted, but I have been hit on, if you know what I mean. I don’t go on the gay scene, and I don’t go to bars that are exclusively for trans people. I always prefer a Wetherspoons, or some random funky club. Some years ago, I supported a gay male friend through his transition. He had to meet weekly with a psychiatrist for about a year before he was given the green light to have gender reassignment surgery. I visited him immediately after the operation. He was lying in bed, still a man. The surgeon didn’t wave a magic wand over him and transform him into a woman. He showed me the scar between his legs that looked nothing like a vagina. He ended our friendship shortly thereafter. This is quite common with a lot of people who have surgery – they distance themselves from anyone who reminds them of their previous life. The last time we spoke, he told me he is now a lesbian. He had gone from being a gay man to a lesbian, and was now obsessing over women and being overly aggressive in his pursuit of a female partner, trying to bully them into viewing him as a real woman.

My trans friend, who supports males sharing personal spaces with women, says there are problematic people everywhere you go, and this is true. She says that some women can be more problematic than men. This is also true, but I’m not sure it applies to security issues in bathrooms. Gays aside, I’ve never had any issues going into the gent’s and using the facilities when the room has been filled with men simply wishing to relieve their bladders. I imagine this would also be true for the majority of women – no issues when using females spaces. Gays won’t be invading women’s spaces any time soon, but as stated there are some heterosexual and bisexual men out there for whom transvestitism is a sexual fetish, and it will be these men who will be first in line to enter female toilets and changing rooms. I would put out a call for urinals to be done away with and for cubicles to be the norm in men’s toilets, and have the same layout as women’s toilets so that no one is a victim of sexual predators. Men, and trannies such as myself, can go about our business in private in a shared designated space, and we would only need to meet at the sink when we are washing our hands. Anyone can be a victim of perversion in a communal shared space as I’ve shown. Men’s dignity is being invaded by having other men in their spaces. It’s naïve to think that women’s dignity won’t be impacted upon either.